Far East Power Services uses inhouse as well as external specialist resources to ensure the best end result within budget for the customer



All Far East Power Services projects are overseas and in developing countries. As such, we combine European and Asian works and engineering to make each project tailored to the customer needs



  • Engineering
  • Green Energy Services
  • Overhaul Service
  • Field Services
  • Spares Parts Supply


Far East Power Services has working partners around the world to assist in any type of energy project

At Far East Power Services we source and supply all types of power generation plants and  equipment complete. This could be complemented with installation, as well as testing and commissioning

Far East Power Services provides economic solutions for small scale power generation projects. 

Far East Power Services is a specially formulated company to bridge the gap between the larger engineering companies and the small scale economical solution-based companies, as required by our customers and end users.

Far East Power Services works together with small and midsize companies as well as experienced, specialized individuals in the required specific fields and, as such, enable flexible solutions.

This combination results in Far East Power Services having many years of experience in providing both used and new power plants for use in factories and small IPP's providing power to public grids.

Our market is targeting end users requiring power plants with a range of 1MW to 100MW with either HFO and/or diesel fuel; biomass; solar; as well as complete with heat recovery systems and related steam turbines where desired.

In the current economic climate, we can offer a wide range of services and supplies from  containerized till complete EPC type of contracts.

All the above results in Far East Power Services being able to provide end users of powerplants with the most economical solution, as each project will be tailored to the specific end user requirements.

Currently, Far East Power Services is also extending it's services in the alternative power supply, such as solar, wind and other renewable energy methods.